Thank You For A Successful Screening!


Our screening of "Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry" is now firmly in our rear view and we are happy to look back fondly on its success. After months of conversation and preparation, the day arrived and thankfully, so did the community. We were able to fill the floor of The Carnegie Theater during both screenings, gathering well over 200 attendees! Between screenings, the Farmer's Market was equally full — so much so that the market members asked to stay open after the second screening to accommodate — which we couldn't be happier about. It was a genuine pleasure to bring together so many wonderful folks with community businesses and farmers. As a special thanks to all those who participated, we'd like to highlight our partners, supporters, and market vendors below, as well as share some photos from the day.

A note: if you missed the screening, we are happy to say that the film is now available on Netflix Streaming for your on-demand viewing. We would highly suggest turning down the lights, silencing your phone, and settling in for a quiet but powerful viewing experience. Additionally, the links and resources below can help attendees and non-attendees alike to learn and live more closely with their community. For a summary of the information below, you can download our Program PDF here.

Here's a few scenes of prep before, and glimpses of the market, during the screening event.

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Thank You To Our Market Vendors

New Rhineland Farm

2 Point Farm

Covington CSA Farms

Applehead City Pet

Green Grrrl Wisdom


A Special Thank You To Our Partners

And A Very Special Thank You To Our Co-Sponsor And Friend