The Deskey Bike Rides Again!


Last spring, we had the opportunity to work on a project for our friends at Deskey — the restoration of the wooden bike designed by their founder, Donald Deskey.

With all the wooden bike concepts out there today, the idea that this guy came up with such a gorgeous example half a century ago is a testament to his innovation — a trait that is a hallmark of the company that shares his name.

The Deskey bike had suffered a hilarity-induced injury a few weeks prior, so we had the opportunity to head down to our boatbuilding shop to put it back together. The images below capture some of the work that ensued and the finished product.

Deskey ( is a brilliant brand agency located in the heart of Cincinnati and with a 90 year history of transforming some of the world's leading brands. If you find yourself in Cincinnati, please pop in for a visit — and check out the Deskey bike!