The Series 1 Pocket Sketchbook

As designers, we go through plenty of pocket sketchbooks, from Moleskine to Field Notes. After years of using off-the-shelf sketchbooks, we decided that we wanted to create one of our own. Introducing, the Pixel & Timber Pocket Sketchbook — Series 1. 


From timber to pixels and back again...

The inspiration for Series 1 of our pocket sketchbook came from the forest image you see at the front of our site. The intent was to warp that image into something akin to a Rorschach Test. After a fair amount of ink, we landed on an evocative illustration. Then we started chipping away at the sketch with an imposing, Tetris-like swarm of pixels and the P&T logo. The result is eye-catching for any nearby onlooker.


We wanted to be as sustainable as possible in the creation of these sketchbooks. That's why we picked the fine folks at Scout Books. Scout Books uses vegetable-based inks and paper sourced from American mills. The 18pt chipboard cover pages contain 85% post-consumer recycled content and 15% pre-consumer recycled content. The 32 dot-grid pages inside are 100% post-consumer recycled, 70# text weight paper. Plus, Scout Books powers their presses and production machinery with renewable energy. 


The sketchbook cover is a mighty canvas for inspiring others with a small dose of art. We plan to keep on making new editions. The design available today is Series 1. Get yours, for free, while supplies last. Series 2 will arrive in Q4 of 2018, so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our blog to catch it in a future update!