Who is Pixel And Timber?

Pixel and Timber is a partnership between two technically-minded Industrial Designers who live, work and teach in Cincinnati, OH. Our team values craftsmanship, elegance, and purity in everything from a handcrafted boat to a well-made cocktail.

Brandon Leedy and David Parrott met at the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP, in 2006. Both are graduates of its #1 ranked Industrial Design program, in which they both currently teach.

After 11 years of collaboration at various firms, Brandon and David joined forces under their own banner — Pixel and Timber — in January 2017. The goal of this new business is to combine their experience, capabilities and passion to create new products — for clients and independently — faster, more effectively and more beautifully than ever before.



David is an industrial designer with a passion for creating products that work. With his background in fabrication and his professional experience at major engineering firms (including DEKA), David's skills combine elements of design and engineering and yield products that fuse form and function. 

From 2006 - 2016, David worked exclusively at engineering firms where he married his knowledge of ergonomics, ethnography and user-centered design with his passion for design-for-manufacturing. In 2009, he co-founded the industrial design department at Stress Engineering Services.

David holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Cincinnati's #1-Ranked School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP), where he now teaches. David has taught over 25 courses in the School of Design and a course in Biomedical Device Design at UC's College of Engineering.


Ryan Lewis

Ryan’s craft takes place at the confluence of design, healthcare, engineering and marketing. At Pixel and Timber he helps clients develop compelling products that add appeal to utility.

Past lives have positioned him at design & engineering firms as well as in architecture and manufacturing. In his role at P&T, Ryan integrates pragmatic methods of product development with creative design strategies. In the medical space, Ryan has designed  orthopedic, endoscopic, disposable and diagnostic devices. His work in consumer and commercial products has helped clients launch products that are safer, more robust and more engaging than the status quo.

Ryan holds both a BS in Industrial Design from Auburn University and a Master of Design from the University of Cincinnati's #1-Ranked School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP).


Simon LeClerc

Simon is an industrial designer who has a knack for tinkering and a passion for the co-dependence that exists between product design and business strategy — a perfect fit for our team and our clients. With a background in exterior carpentry, designing for manufacturing, and working for clients ranging from fortune 50 companies to independent inventors, Simon approaches creative challenges through a wide angle lens by pulling from his broad past experiences. 

Most recently, Simon worked as a designer for LPK Brands where he leveraged his interest in product design and branding to help develop innovative products for clients across various industries. Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati’s #1-Ranked School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). Much like the P&T founders, he returned to his alma mater where he now teaches Design Communication courses for undergraduates. 


Dr. David Grundy, MD, FACEM

Dr. David Grundy is a a practicing Emergency Medicine physician, physician-innovator, and inventor with broad expertise in biomedical device and service development. Dr. Grundy has ongoing clinical involvement at hospitals in Ohio, California, Australia, and Iceland and is a regular collaborator on the Pixel and Timber team.

Dr. Grundy’s capabilities include direct innovation for corporate and startup clients, project de-risking at the early design stage, and medical end-user expert opinion.
Dr. Grundy also provides rapid assessment of technologies and the creation of high level executive summaries, formative and summative lectures and presentations.

Dr. Grundy has particular interest and expertise in Resuscitation, Disaster Management, Wilderness and Austere Environment Medicine, and Technological Innovation in Medicine.

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is the last member of the Pixel and Timber team. Nestled in the heart of the midwest and imbued with its own rich and chequered history, Cincinnati is experiencing a renaissance of food, art and culture and embracing its heritage in architecture, brewing and craft. The members of our team have lived in cities around the US, but something always brings us back to the Queen City. For decades Cincinnati has been home to major businesses, including Procter & Gamble, GE, Ethicon, KAO brands and many, many others. But the recent renaissance of culture and entrepreneurship, is making Cincinnati an epicenter of innovation in the midwest.

"On April 18th, 1835, forty-five merchants and clerks from boomtown Cincinnati came together to create the Young Men’s Mercantile Library Association." Today, the Cincinnati Mercantile Library, located at 414 Walnut St., is a beautiful location for work and study.

Greater Cincinnati is home to over 40 breweries (Feb, 2017), including: Rock Bottom, Boston Beer Company, Listermann/Triple Digit, Moerlein Lager house, Blank Slate, Bad Tom Smith, Christian Moerlein Malt House, Rhinegeist, Tap & Screw Brewery, Taft’s Ale House, Urban Artifact Brewing, The Woodburn Brewery & Taproom, Nine Giant, Streetside, Mt. Carmel, Rivertown, Quarter Barrel Brewing, Cellar Dweller, Fifty West Brew Pub, MadTree, Old Firehouse Brewery, Paradise Brewing, DogBerry Brewing, Fibonacci Brewing, Bardwell Winery/Brewery, Fifty West Production Brewery, Municipal Brew Works, FigLeaf, Narrow Path Brewing, Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati, Hofbrauhaus, Braxton Brewing, Mash Cult, Darkness, Wooden Cask Brewery, Great Crescent, Streetside, and Brink Brewing Co.  ...and we'd be happy to meet you at any of them.

To keep things lean and interesting, we work all over town. Some of our favorite meeting spots include the Mercantile Library, Great American Ballpark and The Comet.