We design products for visionary clients.

We are a small group of craftsmen dedicated to bringing new product ideas to life — rapidly, effectively and beautifully. Whether you're a project manager, the founder of a new startup, or an independent inventor who just needs to demonstrate your idea, you've come to the right place.

Industrial Design

Product Development


Ethnographic Research

Brand Development



Deskey is our partner in Brand Strategy & User Research. Their 85+ years of history in product and brand strategy means we speak the same languages and work together seamlessly. Our companies have worked together on a number of projects big and small, and really delivered the "one-two punch" of holistic product innnovation backed by exquisite user research and brand strategy.

BluEarth is our partner in Sustainability. With their rich industry experience and a deep sense of purpose, they co-create brands that are sustainable through the principles of Biomimicry. As kindred spirits with a mutual goal, our combined skill sets can take a product from idea to store shelves in the most environmentally responsible way, with the most effective impact.

3D Technical Services is our partner for Rapid Prototyping and Model Making. Their experience, speed, and vast list of capabilities means that they can handle any of your toughest prototyping challenges. When it comes to prototyping in high precision, medical grade materials, or production quality looks, they are our first call.