A book into which notable extracts from other works are copied for personal use.
— The Oxford English Dictionary

Welcome to The Commonplace. This is where we highlight books, ideas, and products that we've run across in the course of our work. We use this area to document these items — and the ideas that come from them — for sharing and future reference. The items below are the beginning of our Commonplace Book — a printed compilation of thoughts and insights collected by our team from some of the items on this page. A glimpse at the following items will hopefully give you a better window into who we are, and how we think.

If you share an interest in any of what you see in The Commonplace, please reach out and let us know — we'd love to talk with you.

In the most general sense, a commonplace book contains a collection of significant or well-known passages that have been copied and organized in some way, often under topical or thematic headings, in order to serve as a memory aid or reference for the compiler. Commonplace books serve as a means of storing information, so that it may be retrieved and used by the compiler, often in his or her own work.
— Harvard University Library