Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Drive Devilbiss Healthcare

The images below demonstrate the outputs of a fantastic collaboration with the amazing engineering team at Drive Devilbiss Healthcare. Released in the summer of 2019, the result is the iGO2 POC. During this project, members of the Pixel and Timber team worked closely with Drive Devilbiss’ engineering team to create this new portable oxygen concentrator.


Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the people they touch, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has quickly become one of the fastest growing home healthcare companies in the world. For more information about Drive Devilbiss Healthcare, please visit the Drive Devilbiss Healthcare website. For more information about this device, please click this link or download the catalog page, here.

Concept Design

The sketches below were used to quickly explore the look, feel and user experience of the device in a series of rapid illustrations. These rapid hand sketches explored the overarching look and feel of the device as well as key features of its usability. Some of the most exciting features and details of the device are captured in these original sketches and highlighted in the photos below. These include details of UI and battery locations, hose management, overmold and more.


All images courtesy of Drive Devilbiss Heathcare