Modular Laparoscopic Device

The device below shows the confluence of listening to customers and designing device that meet their needs. The device depicted represents a modular approach to a multi-articulating SILS (single incision laparoscopic surgery) device that optimizes sterilization procedures and provides custom options for surgeons and economies of scale for the manufacturer.

PRoject Background

This device was conceived of during a time one of our team member's spent at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. It was born of the observation that every surgeon has his/her own unique preferences with regard to his/her tools (and very strong opinions).


Our team designed a simple and intuitive laparoscopic device with a cable-actuated, mutli-articulating (wrist and shaft rotation and shaft articulation) end effector and a modular handle assembly.

  • The thumb-activated ball in the handle of this device provides both shaft rotation and articulation. It's housing can be replaced to meet the needs of the individual surgeon.
  • The rearward thumb knob rotates the end effector wrist.
  • An interchangeable trigger can be spring-loaded or replaced with a dissecting ring trigger.
  • By pinching the quick-release clamp in the center of the device, the handle articulates to release the entire shaft for convenient and optimized sterilization.

The handle assembly shown here represents the "pistol grip" version of the device. Additional versions may include a "rifle grip," "pen grip," or "scissor grip."

The unique ball-actuated articulation of the device incorporates a marker fro the articulation plane of the end effector. This market provides an intuitive indicator to the surgeon of the exact plane in which the elbow or his/her device is being articulated and therefore a more intuitive and seamless connection to the device's distal operations.