The rest of the P&T team will back me up when I say that I’m no one’s first call for computer-related problems (even including my parents). That said, I discovered a solution tonight to one that’s been bugging me since my first 386 PC… I finally learned how to kill the Caps Lock key.

Some of you will say “of course you can do that.” The rest will recall having thoughts such as “$hIt!…I need to google how to disable this stupid caps lock key” for the last decade. If you’re in the latter camp and, like myself, don’t understand why this throwback to the mechanical typewriter still exists, you’ve probably been meaning to disable it (violently, if need be) for longer than you can recall. Lucky for you, Apple provides the sweet, sweet relief you’ve been looking for. (No more Photoshop crosshairs!)

System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys > Caps Lock> No Action.

Now sit back and let the tide of satisfaction wash over you.


Thank you Apple. You complete me.