Minimal Office

One of the coolest parts about running Pixel and Timber is the amount of collaboration we get to do with awesome clients and partners. In the last few months, this work has taken me to Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, Scranton, Harrisburg, and New York City, to name just a few.

Our collaborative work often includes live brainstorm, concept sketching, CAD modeling and more. At past employers, there was a lo of pressure to wait for a presentation before interacting with our clients, yet we had found repeatedly that just an hour or two of onsite collaboration can yield massive gains in both the efficiency and quality of the work. One of the reasons we formed P&T was to make this more collaborative model possible.

To make this collaborative work possible, I’ve created what amounts to a mobile office. The image below shows the contents of this mobile office. Over the years, this kit has changed — mostly in the direction of lighter and smaller. The few items below allow me to operate the entire business efficiently whether at home or abroad.